Our Services

Care Resources is a professional Aging Life Care company which offers a variety of services to elder or special need adults and their support systems.

Our Range of Services Include:
  • Comprehensive assessment and personalized care planning 
  • Education regarding illnesses, prognosis, recommended care, costs
    and options 
  • Effective interfacing with physicians and other healthcare providers 
  • Monitor client’s adjustment to medical directives including medication
  • Coordinate services with attorneys, bank trustees, insurance providers
    and other financial/legal professionals 
  • Arrange and monitor outside service providers to ensure client’s needs
    are properly met 
  • Assist with the selection of and relocation to a retirement community,
    assisted living facility, nursing home or rehabilitation facility 
  • Enhanced referrals to housing, legal, financial and community resources 
  • Assist in applying for Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and other benefits 
  • Assist family members in determining when home care is no longer safe, appropriate or cost effective 
  • Transportation and escort to appointments 
  • Assist with bill paying and insurance filing 
  • Coordinate the provision of care in private home or alternative care facility locations 
  • On call 24-hours / 7 days a week, equipped and ready to serve
Maintaining quality of life for an older relative can be a difficult prospect, given the challenges of time, distance, and schedules. We provide professional guidance, support, education, and services to elders, the chronically ill and their families. Our staff can provide one-on-one assistance and direction for your loved one and peace of mind for you.
We recognize that each set of needs is unique and we strive to bring a personalized touch to every aspect of our service.

Care Resources Aging Life Care Managers deliver needed support, knowing that you have made tailored decisions in helping to navigate whatever the situation at hand may be. Families, Attorneys, Physicians, Neighbors, Financial Planners, and peers in the health care field rely on Care Resources to provide a trusted link to the people we serve. Our professional and credentialed Aging Life Care Managers have comprehensive training and expertise in elder-related issues that will ensure loved ones attain or maintain their highest possible level of autonomy in a safe and appropriate environment. We begin with a thorough assessment to identify the individual’s needs and strengths, which determines a personalized care plan of action. As a liaison for families and other involved professionals, we ensure the wishes of the client and family are honored whenever possible.