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Aging Life Care Professional
One of Melanie’s clients was told by his optometrist that he would have to wait a month to have his glasses delivered because the original delivery date was missed. Melanie intervened and the client had his glasses the next day. 
It is the satisfaction that comes from this kind of intervention that attracted Melanie to geriatric care management and has kept her working in the field since 2004. 

Though Melanie began her career expecting to work with children, during her internship at Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center in Bellair, Florida, she connected with the elder population and realized that they were often left without advocates in a health care system that could not provide all their special needs.
“People can fall through the cracks,” Melanie says. Government agencies are limited in how far they can go to assist an elderly person. The person’s family does not always have the expertise or the time that is required either.

That is why Melanie’s commitment to her clients is so critical. On one occasion, in her role as Care Manager, she was the person who demonstrated a sincere commitment to the client’s welfare and a sense of urgency when the client had difficulty getting critical medication. Her persistent attention to the issue kept the client from unnecessary suffering and complications from an infection.

Melanie’s passion is reinforced by her credentials:
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Therapeutic Recreation from University of Florida 
  • Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Gerontology from the University of South Florida 
  • Care Manager Certification (CMC) since 2007 
  • Successful completion of the training program for Special Care of Nursing Home Residents with Alzheimer’s
    Disease or Related Disorders in 2008, through the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) 
  • Member of the Aging Life Care Association. 
  • Prior Unit Leader of the Tampa Bay Unit of ALCA
“Working at Care Resources is a pleasure,” Melanie notes, “because the team is highly qualified, works well together, and readily steps in for each other, ensuring that the client comes first!”